PCB For Solar Tracker

PCB for our dual axis solar tracker. It was designed by me using Labcenter Electronics Limited Proteus and was fabricated from JLCPCB. The Schematics has ESP-32 as the main controller. It has input pins for Motor drivers ( TB 6600,ibt-2and L298),it has LDR sensors ,a anemometer ,it has two built-in voltage sensors and two current sensor modules the whole system is powered with a buck convertor that is driving the circuit at 5volts 

Dual Axis Solar Tracker

 Energy Harnessing Using Solar Tracking System (Dual Axis Solar Tracker)

The Project Includes:


All of the analysis and experimental setup shows that 28.59 % of increase in energy is

measured against the solar panel standed without tracking. This shows the energy

efficiency of this project. The project is IOT based with Arduino IOT app setup.

Data Logging System

A proteus simulation of SD card, RTC and various sensors, the main idea was to make a system that could be used with some other system to record its performance, we logged the data from Current sensor, Voltage sensor and Ultrasonic sensor with current date and time in a text file. Further in this Simulation we used Relay and Optical Isolator to show that we can also take any action according to the data incoming.