Project Management

Project Management: I have a good grip on managing projects. I can manage projects through different tools such as Smarthseet, Asana, and Monday and simple tools such as Excel. I do planning and scheduling and have overseen 100+ projects and have completed them on time and under budget.

Project Management Sheet

This is the project management sheet that is made in Excel and this helps me manage the product in real time and by this, I can complete my projects within timelines. The sheet contains all the ongoing projects that I am currently working on and it also shows the project phase,  completion, elapsed days, and when the client was reached out last time. If we click on any of the projects it will take us to the specific project page.

This is the part of the sheet that opens when we want to see a specific project detail. It has all the necessary details that we need to proceed and complete a project installation. This includes the client details project stage elapse stage installation, team details of some tasks that we need to look at, and and a small section to take notes of the project.

Projects in SmartSheet 

This Smartsheet is used to manage our ongoing projects. it has some automations to notify the project managers to look into the projects. The sheet includes all the necessary information and details to complete a project within the timeline.